If you want to give a good opinion, you have to make a quick-scan of the overall problem. Are there any needs? What kind of glass is used in the building? What are the other climate possibilities? In other words, it depends on several factors. When we gather this information, we come up with the best advice.

Therefore we take a look at the size of the windows. We gather information like the type and the quantity of light sources. But also the reflection at desks, walls and window sills. Even the worksheet and the quality and type of the screens are important. Too much sunlight should be excluded. We have many different types of material available.

On the other hand you need brightness in the building. For example you get irritated eyes by large differences in brightness. To reduce the ratio of light between the screen and windows, you need a daylight filter. In this case a solution is not only desirable, but required.


  • Daylight filtering to fight too much light and reflection
  • Control of daylight systems
  • Visual contact with the world outside

With the right application of SolarScreen Daylight Filters you create:

  1. Maximum light reduction
  2. Perfect daylight experience
  3. Guaranteed views

Most of the time the employees keep the control of the daylight set-up, because the brightness changes during the day. There are also huge differences in how someone experienced the light. If it is desirable you can control the Daylight Filters manually or with a remote. We can give you a personal advice.