Welcome to the website of SolarScreen Daylight Filters

Suncontrol offers you an unique range of sun production products, called SolarScreen Daylight Filters. These daylight filters combine the best features of indoor and outdoor sun protection in one product:

  1. No heat in the office! The advanced SolarScreen Daylight Filters are designed to limit the entry of heat to a minimum.
  2. Get rid of the annoying glare! They Daylight Filters also ensure contrast-free light and filter daylight. Therefore the annoying glare and reflection are removed from your display and machines.
  3. Keep the ability to look outside the window. When it comes to a better view, appearance and transparency are very important. With SolarScreen Daylight Filters you keep your view even when the sun is shining.

SolarScreen Daylight filters is thé solution that allows you to keep the sun outside in a fine manner, without missing a glimpse of the world outside.

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